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information law cartoon

The latest Case In Point cartoon really illustrates (pun intended) the challenges facing e-discovery before we even get started talking.  E-discovery represents different issues and definitions depending on your perspective, and your level of understanding of technology.  Understanding and bringing together the different perspectives is the key to any organization implementing effective and defensible information management and e-discovery protocols.  When you are looking to hire an e-discovery attorney or consultant, make sure they understand all the perspectives and know how to pull them all together.   You need someone who speaks many languages — IT, lawyer, executive, records management and business — and understands how to balance the needs of each of those functions.  Any program you put in place should meet your organization’s business AND legal needs, but to achieve both, you need all the players at the table.

For those of you who have not seen the Case in Point cartoons, Case Central (www.casecentral.com) posts a new one each week.  You can sign up to receive them on their site and even submit your own idea for them to publish.  Kudos to Case Central for the great work each week.

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  • Peterk
    12 years ago · Reply

    you forgot one group – records managers

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