Meet the ESI Attorneys Team

At ESI, we experience an incredible synergy every day. Our team is hand-crafted. We know one another’s nuances. We know what we each do best.

And we have to admit – it’s an equally incredible place to come to work every day.

We do what we love and we love whom we do it with.

We’re data geeks, social media hounds, sports lovers, parents and foodies. A delightful mix between OCD and open to new ideas. And it all comes together to create a team that creates results like no other eDiscovery law firm.

Get to know us.

Shawn Huston

Shawn Huston has served clients at law firms and corporations all over the world for the last two decades. As someone who’s seen the litigation support industry through from the days where “data” was strictly paper until today when “data” spans everything from paper to digital communications, he brings a unique perspective to his work that sees beyond merely today’s conventions. Read Shawn’s full bio.

Kelly Twigger

Kelly Twigger has been described by clients as “delightfully tenacious.” She’s an eighteen-year veteran attorney that has focused on eDiscovery since 2004. Her tech beginnings date back to her first job in high school – building clone computers – and since that time, she’s made impressive strides as an attorney, litigator, innovator in eDiscovery and information law, a mother, and lover of all things basketball. Read Kelly’s full bio.

Scott Malouf

Technology changed how we work. It also created unforeseen legal issues that make headlines (and headaches) daily: data breaches, eDiscovery battles, new ethical challenges, BYOD, social media “fails” and unprecedented access to information are more. Attorney Scott Malouf focuses on one of the most dynamic challenges for lawyers and their clients – social media law. Whether assessing potential Facebook evidence, considering computer claims that might be asserted or managing discovery of social media ESI, Scott helps litigators weave social media into all aspects of claims and litigation. Read Scott’s full bio.

Lindy Naj

Lindy Naj can best be described as delightfully eclectic. She’s the mortar in every project ESI undertakes. Consider our projects the brick. Lindy offers decades of experience in project management, library science, records management, IT consulting, and software development project manager – that’s the mortar. Read Lindy’s full bio.