Denver ARMA Spring Seminar: eDiscovery, Social Media and ESI Attorneys

www.armadenver.org_home_app-site-content_uploads_2013_02_arma_seminar2013_brochure_master_v5.pdf-300x178It’s time again for the annual Spring Seminar for the Denver chapter of ARMA!

This year’s event focuses on the rapid changes occurring in information management.  Sessions include a variety of topics crucial to records managers as we watch the quantities and types of ESI created daily explode before our very eyes.  Records management as we’ve known it is morphing into information management requiring more active thinking by users and managers on the inherent issues.

I’ll be talking at one of the morning sessions about eDiscovery and Social Media — a very key issue for information managers in today’s market.  Americans spend an average of 7.6 hours per month on social media.  The use of social media for marketing has supplanted traditional forms of media as businesses can reach millions more consumers via social media at a only  a fraction of the cost.  New platforms come online weekly, and users flock to them faster than an organization can say firewall.  We’ll discuss the implications of social media on information management, open records and eDiscovery and talk about the types of policies and guidelines to consider in accepting, yes you heard me right, accepting. the use of social media and working to educate your users on its potential implications for your organization.

The seminar is coming up on April 16, 2013 and will be held at the Warwick Hotel in downtown Denver.

Registration is open until April 5th.   Details about the sessions offered and speakers is available here.  See you there!

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