eDiscovery Assistant™ for the iPad is Here!


legal ipad app ediscovery assistantWithout Further ado . . .  

We give you the eDiscovery Assistant™, the first native iPad App for eDiscovery.

I know you’re excited, and it’s cool, because we are too.  We’ve been working on it for almost two years, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

We built the eDiscovery Assistant™ because we want to make eDiscovery easier and more accessible to all lawyers.  We can’t learn the FACTS without the electronically stored  information (ESI, hence the name of our firm, get it?), and we can’t get the ESI if we don’t understand the technology to ASK FOR IT.   The eDiscovery Assistant™ will help you do that.


How will it help?  What’s in It?

Glad you asked.  The eDiscovery Assistant is where you start for eDiscovery.  We’ve culled and curated just the SPECIFIC eDiscovery rules for each jurisidiction — federal, states and U.S. District Courts AND provided summaries, committee notes and tagged related information for you to use.  We’ve created a database of over 3000 cites to decisions on eDiscovery so that you can find what you need to review for your jurisdiction.  We are working on case digests for every single one, all hand-crafted by us and then tagged so you can filter on issues we know you need, because eDiscovery is what we do.

The app also includes checklists and templates that we use every day in eDiscovery.  Legal hold notices, custodian questionnaires, lists of sources of ESI to ask about — you got it.  We’ve even created a checklist to tell you where to start and walk you through the process.  AND we’ve given you tips tied to each — so you know the nuances you need to think about when you’re asking the questions or drafting the legal hold notice.

We’ve also included the ability for you to create your own matters and your own library of materials in the app that you can reference regularly.  Throw in a glossary, resources from all over to provide you guidance on what you need to know, and you have what you need for eDiscovery at your fingertips.  And we’re adding new content all the time.

Need more?  Some advice on how to get started?  Use the link in the app to sign up for our By the Glass consulting — Ask ESI — and we’ll help you through that too.

Ready to take a look?  Check out the eDiscovery Assistant in action:


Want to know about content updates?  Sign up here to get all the updates as new content and features are added.  Ready to download the app? Let’s do it.

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