eDiscovery Education for South Central Wisconsin

western-district-of-wisconsin-Google-Search-150x150For those of you in Wisconsin who missed or weren’t close enough to attend the 5th Annual eDiscovery event held in Milwaukee in November, you’re in luck.

The Dane County Bar Association, the Western District of Wisconsin Bar Association and the Madison Area Paralegal Association have teamed up to bring you the South Central Wisconsin Electronic Discovery Summit to be held in Madison on May 10, 2013 from 8am to 3:15pm at the Madison Sheraton Hotel.

Although the agenda is not yet complete, participants will receive first hand input from Magistrate Judge Stephen Crocker of the Western District of Wisconsin, a very knowledgeable judge on the issues in eDiscovery who has authored several very colorful and forthright eDiscovery opinions.

There is no better advice than to have a judge who hears these disputes tell you what he wants in the papers and who he wants to hear from at the hearing.  Even better, you’ll learn what he expects you to work out before he even hears about it.

And there’s your first tip — one of the best ways to avoid costs in eDiscovery is to cooperate up front and avoid expensive disputes.

Speaking of tips, I will present the second session of the day on Tips and Tools for Handling Electronic Discovery in Small Matters.  This session will build on information from the Best Practices session by Shawn Olley of Midwest Legal and e-Data Services.

We’ll discuss how to put together and implement a strategy to conduct eDiscovery that works across matters, no matter the size, including making decisions on what to collect, how to negotiate the same with opposing counsel, and identifying tools to filter and review ESI that you and your client can afford. I’ll give you my best info on the tools I use with my clients and how firms, organizations and municipalities can leverage them to control costs and protect their information.

And, because no presentation on eDiscovery would be complete without it, we’ll also discuss how to use the key parts of the Wisconsin rules on eDiscovery to manage costs through early negotiation.

I’ll also share with you the secret benefit of eDiscovery.  It will be worth the admission price alone, I promise.

The Summit is bargain priced at either $60 or $75 depending on which organization you belong to, or $90 for non-members.  Continental breakfast and lunch are included in the cost.  Registration is open now and limited, so get yourself signed up.

I’ll provide more information as the agenda is finalized, but mark your calendars.

You’ll even have time to get back to your office and return calls before the end of the day.



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