Have matters in Florida state courts?  Pay attention to the State’s new eDiscovery Rules.

florida ediscoveryIn July, I wrote an article for Law Technology News on the newest state to adopt its own eDiscovery rules — the sunshine state of Florida.  The article details the specifics of the rules and how they differ from the Federal Rule changes of 2006.  The key message from the Florida Supreme Court and the drafters:  Lawyers need to know their client’s systems at the outset of the matter to take advantage of the rules and the protections they afford.  So take a look at the full text of the article, and make sure your outside counsel know both the rules AND your systems before taking on a new matter.

Properly managing eDiscovery and keeping costs low are the the goals of these rules.  But you have to know them and use them to take full advantage.  And not meeting your obligations under the rules can be costly.


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