Introducing the eDiscovery Assistant

eDiscovery Assistant announcementWhat is it?

It’s an App!

ESI Attorneys is developing the eDiscovery Assistant™, the first native iPad App for eDiscovery.  It’s all about Making eDiscovery easier™.

I know you’re excited, and it’s cool, because we are too.  We’ve been working on it for over a year, and we can’t wait to show it to you.

So sign up to receive more info on when you’ll get your hands on it and what cool stuff we are adding weekly.

Once you sign up, share your excitement by posting it on Twitter and Facebook using the share buttons.  We track the shares, and you can win a free download at launch!!

How Will the App Help Me Handle eDiscovery?

By letting your fingers do the walking, you can:

  • Take your iPad to a new client meeting and quickly identify the eDiscovery issues by reviewing the rules and case law for that jurisdiction (impress the heck out of your yourself, your client, partners and bosses).
  • Pull up a comprehensive template legal hold notice, revise and send quickly (which is great, since you were supposed to send it out last week).
  • Decide quickly whether you can make an argument to preclude getting social media (Good luck, but make sure the request is reasonable), and if so, have a cite list of cases to read on the issue.
  • Use checklists created by an eDiscovery Attorney to quickly interview your client about what kinds of information they have and where it might be stored (NO more printing out emails for the love of god, please!).
  • Learn from the tips included from a practicing eDiscovery Attorney (I’ve poured what I’ve learned in 9 years of practicing eDiscovery exclusively into this App, all for your benefit).
  • And TONS of other stuff to Make eDiscovery easier™.

When Can I Get My Hands on This Fabulous App?

Target launch is mid-July 2013.  Sign up for more information.  AND SHARE US on social media, to get the word out.

Who’s it for?

The App will be THE resource for any and all of the following:

  • Lawyers — ANY lawyer that needs to get electronic information.  Not just litigators, folks.  If you are conducting due diligence for mergers, you better pay attention to eDiscovery issues in pending litigation and know how they could be resolved.
  • Consultants
  • Paralegals
  • Litigation technical support professionals
  • Information management professionals (aka Records Managers)
  • Anyone else who can use it

Why did ESI Attorneys Build the eDiscovery Assistant™?

Because we want to make eDiscovery easier™ and more accessible to all lawyers.

We can’t learn the FACTS without the electronically stored  information (ESI, hence the name of our firm, get it?), and we can’t get the ESI if we don’t understand the technology to ASK FOR IT.   The eDiscovery Assistant™ will help you do that.

Plus, we get asked for this information ALL THE TIME.  So now you’ll have a place you can go to get it.  A one stop shopping place for eDiscovery if you will.  (But don’t stop calling me, I still LOVE to talk to you and hear about your latest insane eDiscovery stories.)



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