Join ESI Attorneys for a Webinar on Building and Using an ESI Data Map

electronic data discovery Podcast-WebinarsOn Wednesday, July 28th, 2010, from noon to 1pm EST, Kelly Twigger of ESI Attorneys will co-host a webinar with John Collins, ESI’s data mapping and technology consultant, on Building and Using an ESI data map.  In our last webinar — ESI Data Mapping:  The E-discovery Experts Weigh InMagistrate Judge Paul Grimm told an audience of over 150 participants that the ESI data map is the tool organizations need to understand the sources of ESI in their organizations to prepare for producing ESI in discovery.  In this follow up webinar, John Collins will focus first on building the ESI data map — what to think about, how to gather the appropriate information and how far you can go on your own without professional expertise.  I will follow with a discussion of how I use the data map to create a guide or “playbook” for outside counsel to use when engaging in e-discovery on behalf of the organization.  Together, the ESI data map and E-discovery Guide lay out a reasonable, defensible process for an organization to follow when implementing legal holds, preserving and collecting ESI, as well as reviewing and producing the same ESI in litigation.  We’ll discuss where organizations can make the process more economical and efficient and what steps to take to get started now.  Register for this free webinar here.

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  • Steve
    12 years ago · Reply

    Just wondering when we’d get the PDF version of this webinar and also how to get a copy of the recorded version (when it becomes available). Thanks!

  • 11 years ago · Reply

    I attended a Webinar 7/28/2010 titled “Building and Using the ESI Data Map”. I registered through the Ingersoll website. I have been trying to find a copy of the presentation, but have not been successful. Has this been posted somewhere? The webinar was very helpful and gave some good advice on why a data map is important and how to get everyone involved that is needed.

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