Kelly Twigger to Host an eDiscovery 101 Lunch & Learn

crop Kelly Twigger women in eDiscoveryEvent Date: November 7, 2012
Event Time: 12:30 – 2:00pm EST
Event Type: Webinar
Event Cost: $49.95
Registration Link:

Are you one of the many lawyers that avoid eDiscovery completely because you find the topic overwhelming to tackle? If so, you are missing out on the opportunity to understand the facts of a case faster and better, which can lead to better and more cost-effective results for your clients. You look good, and your clients are happier.  What’s better than that?

99% of the information created today is electronically stored information or ESI, and thinking about and handling ESI is now a requirement for practicing lawyers. This 90 minute class will teach you how to get started conducting eDiscovery for your cases by:



  • Walking you through the rules you need to follow in your jurisdiction;
  • Helping you identify the sources and the types of ESI your client may have that are relevant to the case;
  • Identifying what you need to do to meet the obligation to keep information for your client when a matter comes up;
  • Understanding the process of getting ESI from your client’s systems to a form where you can review and produce it, and
  • Making you aware of resources to draw from when conducting eDiscovery (including rules, case law, templates, checklists, etc.)

Questions from participants will be taken and answered at the end of the live presentation.

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