Let’s Get This Party Started

birthday cakeI’m 42 today.

For the past few years, I’ve downplayed my birthday.  You know what I’m talking about — the whole crap about after 29 birthdays don’t count anymore, and women don’t want to focus on getting older, blah, blah blah.

Well, I’m over that nonsense.  I’m embracing 42 and celebrating all that I’ve done in my 42 years.  So I took two of my kids to Whole Foods yesterday and bought myself a cake (yes, I bought a cake — can you make the fabulous looking and tasting Berry Chantilly cake in the picture?  Me neither.).

Truthfully, the only reason I went to buy a cake was because my kids wanted one.  I planned to get something that they would like and I’d just get chocolate covered strawberries (which are heaven IMHO).  But when I got to the counter, I decided that if I was going to buy myself a cake, I was buying a cake that I wanted and that my kids could share with me.  It was my birthday, after all.

So, for the first time ever (well, maybe since I was a kid), I told the woman behind the counter I was buying a birthday cake for myself and what I wanted.  That was big for me, as I don’t usually intentionally call attention to myself (other than my usual sarcastic remarks).  And, as is customary, she asked if she could write something on it for me.

And that’s when it happened.

I started to say no, and I realized that the writing on the cake is the best part.  It’s what makes the cake yours.  It’s what you stare at when you make your wish and blow out those candles — no matter how many there are.  So I told her to put a big 42 with an exclamation point to celebrate that I’m 42 today.  She smiled at me, said “you got it” and even put it in my favorite color, red.

And you know what?  I can’t wait to cut that cake with my kids later today.   I’ll put candles on it (not saying how many, 42 is ALOT) and blow them out while I make a wish.  We’re going to have a dance party — turn the iPod up ridiculously loud and dance to Kidz Bop (you know you have it on your iPod too, and if you don’t you should, they cover all the popular songs and take out the bad language), and be silly and crazy.  I’m embracing 42 and celebrating everything that I’ve done to get this far in life, and looking forward to the next 42 years.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what the heck all of this birthday crap has to do with eDiscovery.  Good question.  I do actually have a point that might be relevant for you, my loyal listeners.  And here it is:

A big part of what I’m celebrating today is YOU.  Back in 2007, while at my former firm, I wrote a blog post asking whether we were better off one year after the FRCP were amended to create what has become the world of electronic discovery.  Two years later, I left that firm and started ESI Attorneys, believing, as I still do, that embracing ESI, and all that goes with it, can dramatically change litigation as we view it.  

It doesn’t have to cost so damn much, or ruin your budget, or cause the Board of Directors to look down the table at the General Counsel and question whether they are really helping the business or dragging it down.  Instead, electronically discovery is an OPPORTUNITY.  More on that soon.

Almost 4 years into running ESI Attorneys, I love getting the calls every day from clients and lawyers alike who are trying to embrace eDiscovery.  They want to learn.  They want to figure out how to provide great representation to their clients and they know that ESI is key to that representation.  And I love helping them.  And you, if you call.

Okay, so I’m a geek.  I love the law.  I love the notion that as lawyers our job is to help those who don’t know how to help themselves.  I believe that’s a significant responsibility and I EMBRACE IT. 

I also love technology.  Luckily, I get to combine the things that I love, be a mom, and live in Boulder, Colorado, a lifelong dream that my husband and I made happen this year.

So, go ahead and make your lawyer jokes.  As of today, I’ll try to take them a little less personally, because I’ll know that you aren’t thinking about the real value lawyers bring to our society, and I’ll let it slide.

I’m embracing everything today and every day from now on.

What will you decide to embrace?

You can have the weekend to think about it.  But get moving, get started.  Life starts now.   

Let’s get this party started.  Right?  Right.

P.S.  For the record, I bought the chocolate covered strawberries too.  That’s a nod to my hubby, who’s out of town this week and missing our birthday celebration.  Miss you, sweetie.


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  • 9 years ago · Reply

    Love this!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Kathy Nielsen
    9 years ago · Reply

    Just read your post! Loved the first part about your birthday (happy belated birhtday). I got the same Chantilly cake for my birthday last month…..hope all is well

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