List of Over 150 eDiscovery Related Cases Reported in 2012

list of eDiscovery casesOn November 14th, Lindy Naj and I attended the MBA 5th Annual Electronic Discovery Conference hosted by the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Like previous years, the conference was a big success. I moderated a panel of judges including William Callahan, Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, and Rick Sankovitz, the Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge largely responsible for drafting Wisconsin’s eDiscovery rules as part of the Judicial Commission.

During the afternoon session, I continued my tradition of providing an overview of recent eDiscovery decisions, trends and how they will affect your practice. I also touched on the ways organizations can recognize eDiscovery issues and how courts across the country are viewing them.

During the presentation, I promised that I’d share the 150+ eDiscovery related cases reported in 2012 which I’ve listed in the below spreadsheet.  As several decisions cross my desk and yours each week dealing with eDiscovery, there are likely to be additions by the time you read this. Please provide any cases we’ve missed in the comments below.

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