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eDiscovery tips 1To store email for custodians without installing an email archive, work with IT to utilize the journaling feature on your Microsoft Exchange server.

If your organization uses Microsoft Exchange as its e-mail system, there is functionality you may be able to employ to preserve or retain custodian’s e-mail without having to purchase additional software.  This functionality is referred to as “journaling” or archiving, and the essence of the feature is that each e-mail that is sent or received by a particular custodian is copied to a separate mailbox on the Exchange Server.  There are different types of journaling (which depends in part on the version of Exchange Server deployed).  One thing to keep in mind is whether or not the Bcc recipient field is being captured via the journaling method employed—not all journaling methods capture bcc information, and that would most likely be required for e-discovery barring any agreement by counsel.  Make sure you record that you are journaling that way in your data map, and inform counsel of the use of that feature for preservation and collection purposes.



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