women in ediscovery kelly twiggerKelly Twigger is equally at home on the basketball court and in court, likely a testament to her undying tenacity, love for strategic sports, and an uncanny eye for game-winning strategies. She calls the shots like she sees them (she’s blunt and brutally honest should the need arise), and like any great athlete, attorney, or coach, thinks six moves ahead in order to create plays that don’t just work — they shine.

For over twenty years, Kelly’s been an attorney focused on eDiscovery and Information Law. Her tech beginnings, however, date back to her first job in high school – building clone computers – and since that time, she’s made impressive strides as an attorney, litigator, innovator in eDiscovery and information law, a mother, and lover of all things basketball (did we mention basketball?).

Prior to founding ESI Attorneys in 2009, Kelly was a litigation partner at Quarles & Brady LLP, an AmLaw 200 firm. There, she managed litigation that ranged from the garden-variety breach of contract case to $100 million bet-the-company class actions and multi-district anti-trust matters.

From Full-Time Litigator to eDiscovery Strategist

So how does a woman make the shift from a litigator at an AmLaw 200 firm to an eDiscovery devotee? Back in the day, her firm had a luxurious CLE (Continuing Legal Education) allowance of $2000 — and wouldn’t you know it, Kelly needed some CLEs.

That was enough to put Kelly on a plane to New York City to attend the first ABA seminar on Electronic Discovery. Moved by what were sure to be groundbreaking changes in the way information is discovered and shared throughout the legal profession, she was instantly intrigued with eDiscovery. The rest is history.

She proceeded to build Quarles’ first eDiscovery and records retention practice, growing it to 25 professionals. She also launched that firm’s first eDiscovery blog (eDiscovery Bytes). Today, Kelly works with clients such as Fortune 50 and 250 companies, law firms of all sizes and specialties, and municipalities through ESI to help then do better business through smarter, more efficient eDiscovery practices and procedures. In 2011, she co-authored one of the most prominent books on eDiscovery, currently used by West for its eDiscovery education across the country.

“Kelly does what very few lawyers are able to do — she makes you forget she’s a lawyer and integrates into the business seamlessly. Before you know it, you’ve accomplished a ‘legal requirement’ without any of the associated pain.  And, your business is better and more efficient as a result.”

~Lisa Jordan, Assistant General Counsel at MillerCoors

If you’re looking for fluff, you won’t find it in your conversations with Kelly. She’ll call your firm’s procedural inefficiencies with the fervor of a basketball referee in the Final Four. On the flip side, she’ll help create systems that make opposing counsel’s head spin as you present an ironclad case in record time. She’s no-BS while nurturing, efficient while relationship-oriented, and probably just the mom you want to sit next to at the soccer fields – that is, if you’re interested in great conversation and a hilarious commentary on refereeing skills.

She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and their three children. After years of her kids begging for a dog, she finally caved and adopted an adorable black lab puppy from Mountain Pet Rescue.

Her favorite moment as an attorney
Being hugged by a client after recovering $2250 in a pro bono case for her and her four children who had been wrongfully evicted from their apartment by a slumlord. It was a moment of seeing the difference a legal helping hand could make – this money meant she could move her family into another apartment instead of a shelter.
Favorite eDiscovery moment
Celebrating the moment a client’s legacy email archive — containing seven years and eight TB of email — was shutdown following a six month process of pulling all the data needed for legal holds. Managing the data pulled from that archive against active cases is still a regular task, but saving the client $40,000/month by implementing better technology and retention — Priceless.
What she loves about eDiscovery
“I love that, for the first time, the law is trying to be closer to the pace of what’s happening in the world instead of 10 years behind it. eDiscovery has pushed the law harder and faster than it’s been pushed in 200 years. Technology has forced changes in rules and case law that usually take 10 years or more, and we are adapting faster than usual.” 
Did you know...
…that Kelly won multiple state 4-H championships for baking peanut butter cookies? She estimates that she’s made over 5000 in her lifetime, each the same exact size and shape.


Electronic Discovery and Records Management Guide: Rules, Checklists, and Forms  — 2014-2015 ed. West Publishing with co-authors Jay Grenig, Browning Marean and Matthew Stippich (updated annually)

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Notable Professional Contributions

Creator, eDiscovery Assistant
eDiscovery Assistant is a legal research and learning center that curates the eDiscovery rules, case digests, templates and forms for use in practice. The web based software platform allows lawyers and legal professionals to get answers to case law questions in a few clicks instead of several hours.
eDiscovery Columnist

Kelly writes a weekly practical advice column on ediscovery and legal technology for the national Above the Law blog.

Guest Lecturer on eDiscovery
Vanderbilt Law School
University of Colorado Law School
University of Denver Strum College of Law
Marquette University Law School

Selected Speaking Engagements and Webinars

Speaking Engagements

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  • Supreme Court of Colorado
  • Supreme Court of Wisconsin
  • 7th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin
  • District of Colorado



  • Advisory Board, University of Colorado Law School Masters in Compliance Program
  • Advisory Board, Legal Cloud Computing Association
  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Boulder County Bar Association
  • Wisconsin Bar Association
  • 7th Circuit eDiscovery Pilot Project Principle Development Subcommittee
  • American Bar Association, Committee on eDiscovery and Digital Evidence
  • Women in eDiscovery
  • Women’s Council of Boulder



  • Washington University – St. Louis (Bachelors)
  • Marquette University Law School – (JD)