women in ediscovery lindy najWhen you think of the word “eclectic,” you should be thinking of Lindy Naj. She’s the mortar in every project ESI undertakes. Consider our projects the brick. Lindy offers decades of experience in project management, library science, records management, IT consulting, and software development – that’s the mortar.

Tell us where you’re going to find that (seriously). Lindy artfully weaves our clients (the WHO) with their organizational structure (the HOW). And all of that comes from understanding each WHY – and her desire to create exceptional outcomes on every level. So how did this all come to pass?

Prior to joining ESI Attorneys, Lindy’s experience spanned corporate IT, records management, and eDiscovery.  Shortly after the eDiscovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were enacted in 2006, Lindy transitioned from leading IT technical support and software development teams to electronic records management. Exhilarating, right? Well, it was (and is) for Lindy. Lindy has been an integral part of our development of ediscovery operations programs for clients since 2010.

In the time since, she has established records programs at Oppenheimer Funds, a financial services company, Nelnet, Inc., an educational services company, and for the University of Denver (DU).  At DU, she led development of Records Authority, an open source software tool for web-based retention schedule access and management . This was all under a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPR).

If that weren’t enough, Lindy has also led global records initiatives and tracked eDiscovery for Molson Coors Brewing Company, an international beverage manufacturer. She’s partnered on inventories and records risk assessments for Encana Oil & Gas USA and Encana Corporation Canada and developed data maps and organizational knowledge management taxonomies for enterprise SharePoint environments. In English, Lindy is pretty much a badass – combining the arts of technology and organizational structure to create results that are beyond exceptional, functional, and practical.

An admitted good cook but bad baker, she spends her time outside of ESI with her husband and their daughter. Having lived in multi-cultural Hawaii for many years, you might also be able to catch her at Pacific Rim-themed hole-in-the-wall restaurants or one of the many Hawaiian or Chinese cultural events around town.

Her favorite career moment
Right after transitioning into records management, Lindy designed an automated, enterprise-wide approach to email retention and disposition that, according to company insiders, “couldn’t be done.”  This custom approach leveraged then-new SaaS email archive offerings and MS Exchange capabilities already in place at the company. It was rolled out across the parent company and affiliates in multiple locations on budget of under $20K and in under six months.

After the deletion of “expired,” non-record email, IT was entirely giddy at having won back well over 50% of storage space on the installed server base!  Is this a big deal? Well, the company’s IT security lead asked: ”I’ve been trying to get x program off the ground for two years straight – how’d you manage to pull this off?”

Best of all though, the project’s executive sponsor said, “People are so attached to their email and there was such widespread resistance to the idea at first that when the new approach went live I was expecting to get calls from others on the executive team. But the preparation and change management were so good that I didn’t get even one call or email!”

What she loves about eDiscovery
“It’s an industry populated by smart, interesting people who want to do the right thing by others and who live between people, process, and technology (where I like to be). We’re all people who love getting complicated things done.”
Did you know
…that Lindy’s not so fond of places cut off from sunlight and has weathered embarrassment to avoid them on three continents? She’s said no to tours of the Guilin Reed Flute Caves in China, the Catacombs in Rome, and the Hoover Dam.

Recent Professional Contributions

Speaker - Records Inventories and Data Maps: Mission Impossible or Mission Accomplished
 Mile High Denver ARMA Chapter Spring Seminar, April, 2013
Co-chair - Deep Dive: SharePoint for Records Management Workshop
Mile High Denver ARMA Chapter, February 2013
Panelist - Electronic Records Management
University of Denver School of Library and Information Science, February 2013
NHPRC Grant Project Lead Author
Final Report to the National Historic Publications and Records Commission on the Development and Deployment of the Records Authority Software for retention schedule management, January 2012
Panelist - Open-Source Tools for Taming Records Management
Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists, 2011
Certified Information Professional (CIP) Certification Exam Developer
AIIM Working Group, June 2011

Notable Experience

  • Leading the software life cycle and technical support, including requirements identification, provider selection, code development, testing, release, and ongoing
  • Conducting corporate records and records risk inventories
  • Designing automated email retention and disposition workflows
  • Developing information governance policies, retention schedules, and enterprise taxonomies
  • Managing the full information life-cycle, including routine, defensible deletion of no longer needed business data in all forms
  • Building data maps and evaluating data mapping needs based on litigation and risk portfolios
  • Setting up comprehensive legal hold matter and custodian tracking
  • Modeling and implementing information management solutions utilizing SaaS software, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint


  • ARMA International and Mile High Denver Chapter
  • Society of American Archivists, Panelist 2011 Annual Conference

Education and Certifications

  • University of Illinois, Bachelor of Arts, German Language and Literature
  • University of Hawaii, Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
  • Certified Records Manager (CRM)
  • AIIM Information Certification (CIP)