Useful eDiscovery Links

Sedona Conference

This should be on your list of go-to eDiscovery resources. They offer multiple publications from thoughtful legal professionals, judges, and professors in eDiscovery, addressing topics such as social media, proportionality, and guidance for in-house counsel and judiciary. This is also where you can find the Cooperation Proclamation, signed by over 100 federal and state judges across the country.

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Looking for a wickedly useful website? You’ve found it. Created by the Department of Justice, the FOIA website allows you to review and create reports and graphics on all of the FOIA data collected.  The site also has great information on how FOIA works, how to make FOIA requests to federal agencies, and provides information about significant releases of information under FOIA.

Social Media Governance

Need to know where to go for useful resources for building your company’s social media policy? This is it. This site includes a database of over 240 policies, guidelines, and handbooks from organizations around the world that you can filter by industry. Hop on and see how your compatriots are managing social media issues and how you can improve yours.

Legal Information Institute from Cornell University Law School

This is an unparalleled, FREE  resource with rules, regulations and other useful legal reference materials on eDiscovery — and it’s only one click away. It’s great for those without a Westlaw or Lexis subscription and always up to date.  And…if you use it, please consider making a donation, as it’s 100% donation-supported and we’d love to keep it alive!

eLessons Learned eDiscovery Blog

From law students to practicing attorneys, the eLessons Learned eDiscovery blog is a refreshing voice in this area of law. With resources ranging from the history and origins of eDiscovery to fresh perspectives on decisions by law students, this is a definite add to your bookmarks bar for regular reading in the eDiscovery space.