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ESI Attorneys is here to help you cover your ass assets. We believe that wasting time and money is a cardinal sin and we’re here to help our clients do better.

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Curious about eDiscovery?

ESI Attorneys helps you get started with ease. Skip the anxiety and head straight towards progress with our Custom eDiscovery Consulting capabilities. Lower your costs, reduce case timelines, and raise client satisfaction — simultaneously.


Open Records & FOIA Consulting

Don’t let requests for information bog you down. Let ESI Attorneys show you how smart systems can make the most of your staff, technology, and budgetary resources. We make Open Records and FOIA requests a breeze.


On-Demand eDiscovery Consulting

You might not need the whole bottle — that’s why you can get us By the Glass. ESI Attorneys offers on-demand, confidential consulting. Request a session online and get timely, critical insights.


LTN logoWhy is fear consistently used as a marketing tactic to get people on the eDiscovery bandwagon? ENOUGH!

Read Kelly Twigger’s perspective in Law Technology News on where fear belongs in the eDiscovery world (ahem — nowhere) and some better reasons to embrace the power of eDiscovery.

cobizmag_logoHow much information are you keeping — and needlessly?

In a guest column for Colorado Biz Magazine, ESI Attorneys’ Kelly Twigger discusses the dangers of being a digital packrat along with ideas for paring down your storage — the smart way.

LexisNexis_LogoFlorida Adopts Specific EDD Rules for its Courts

On July 5, Florida became the 29th state to adopt specific EDD rules for its courts. Like many states, the Florida rules generally follow the federal rules, but provide greater specificity. Read Kelly Twigger’s entire article on LexisNexis (membership required).